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Your blog about Vienna with special emphasis on sustainability

by Elena Schöber
For many people, there is nothing more fulfilling than gardening. Creating your personal calm oasis with your own hands and reaping the fruits of your honest labour afterwards, being outside in fresh

by Elena Schöber
In our last blog article we have already introduced some sustainable apps which shall help you to shape your life in a more sustainable manner. As we have promised, we would like to expand on the

by Elena Schöber
Sustainability is a topic which is very important to us, wherefore we are always in search of new eco-friendly trends and ideas. Often, one would like to change something, but one just does not know

by Elena Schöber
According to the annual study of the consulting firm Mercer, Vienna is the city with the highest quality of living worldwide for the 9th time in a row now! We will reveal what exactly makes the

by Elena Schöber
Today is the astronomical beginning of spring which means that we hopefully can look forward to sunshine, warmer temperatures and blooming plants again soon! And when spring is just around the

by Elena Schöber
Every single one of us pollutes the environment with CO2 emissions daily, often even completely unconsciously. And when we do realise that we damage our planet constantly, inevitably the question