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klima.aktiv: a public initiative in light of the reduction of CO2 emissions


by Elena Schöber

Everybody is talking about sustainability and climate change. And this is great! In the private as well as in business related areas a lot of attention has to be paid on sustainability and the reduction of CO2 emissions. The initiative klima.aktiv of the Austrian Department of Environment faces that challenge day by day and accompanies various players step by step towards the respective climate goals. Since 2009 our central hotel in Vienna is an official partner of klima.aktiv. Since then, our pursuit of reducing our CO2 emissions in our green hotel in Vienna was even more intensified.

Five pillars for environmental sustainability

The initiative klima.aktiv for the reduction of carbo emission builds on five different pillars. First, the education of experts is of prime importance. In total, 13.500 participants have taken part in different seminars hosted by the klima.aktiv. Second, an eye is put on the creation of standards for quality assurance. This is especially important for the arena of construction. Third, the exchange of information plays an important role as this ultimately makes different players more sensible towards the topic of climate protection. Fourth, klima.aktiv relies on a thorough partner network. Climate protection only works if all participants work together as a team and this is the reason why more than 1000 partners (190 business partners) are already on board. Our Boutiquehotel Stadthalle in Vienna is one of these partners.

Remarkable successes which require repetition

The initiative klima.aktiv of the Austrian Department of Environment has already recorded successes. In the year of 2013 6,7 million tons of CO2 were saved due to climate-friendly projects. This led to a reduction of 2,5 billion imported liters of oil, which is equivalent to savings totaling more than 1 billion Euro. These remarkable successes require repetition in order to bring climate protection to another level. That is the reason why klima.aktiv puts a strong emphasis on the arenas of construction, energy conservation, renewable energy as well as mobility.

The Boutiquehotel Stadthalle is a partner of the klima.aktiv initiative

As already mentioned beforehand, our green and central hotel in Vienna is an active partner of klima.aktiv since 2009. This intesified our pursuit of reducing our carbo emissions and minimizing our environmental footprint even more. As the first zero-energy-balance city-hotel worldwide our central hotel in Vienna set new standards. This needs to be continued in collaboration with our numerous green partners. This is the reason why it is one of prime importance to us to inspire our guests in our central hotel in Vienna as well as the population in general for a sustainable way of life in order to reduce the negative impacts on the environment.

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We are open!

We provide information about the current measures here.