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The world’s first city hotel with a zero-energy balance

An eco-friendly vacation in a city hotel in Vienna

The expansion of our cozy Vienna boutique hotel makes us very proud. Our new building is not only the perfect addition to the existing, thoughtfully renovated period town house, but it maintains a zero-engergy balance as well.

So, what is so special about a hotel with a zero-energy balance? It means that in the course of a year our boutique hotel creates the same amount of energy that we require to run it. For this, we only use renewable energy sources like solar and photovoltaic panels, ground water heat pumps and even three wind turbines*.

Enjoy nature in Vienna’s inner city

At Boutique Hotel Stadthalle Vienna, we do not just use renewable energy sources. We also water the lavender and roses in our beautiful hotel garden and flush our bathrooms exclusively with water from our well. Our hotel sign generates its own electricity and we even provide two power stations* for our guests to plug in and recharge their electric cars – free of charge.

* we are currently awaiting approval for this project by Vienna city council.

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