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Zero what? Zero Waste!

Zero what? Zero Waste!

5 simple tips for a zero waste lifestyle

Zero Waste is a sustainable concept which got more and more attention in the past years, but what does it actually mean?

The meaning of Zero Waste is just as simple as waste prevention and the Zero Waste movement boycotts the unnecessary waste production in our society: their goal is to live completly without producing waste. And that is for sure the right approach because an EU-citizen produces in average around 500 kg of waste a year – an alarming number which clearly shows: we need to do something against this excessive waste production because it damages us and our environment enormously!

But isn’t a life without any waste a huge effort?

The answer is very clear: No, it’s actually pretty easy and it can also be a lot of fun. That’s why we compiled 5 tips for you to prevent producing waste in different situations and do something good for you, the society and the environment 🙂

1.Shop packaging-free

The packaging waste which we bring home from shopping is mostly the biggest part of the waste we produce. But this is something you can change very easily: use fabric/ paper bags instead of plastic ones, buy loose vegetables/ fruits or bring your own box to put in cheese, sausages or meat. You often get yoghurt, milk or cream in reusable glass bottles, you just have to look for it in the supermarket. In a lot of big cities you can get “more difficult” food like pasta, rice or grain in packaging-free supermarkets where you can fill almost all food easily in your own boxes – positive side effect: you just buy as much as you really need! There is one packaging-free supermarket in Vienna as well, which you can find here.


“But i nether have a garden nor a compost.”- But you don’t even need a garden or a real compost because even in your small city-apartment you can compost your organic waste in a so called worm box. As indicated by the name inside of the worm box, there are living up to 3000 worms who can’t wait to eat up your kitchen waste. But they are not only eating your waste but are producing biological fertiliser in the same time, which you can use for your plants afterwards and don’t have to buy.  The worm box, unlike the usual organic waste bin, doesn’t even smell unpleasant, because there is always oxygen around, so what are you waiting for? You can find more information about where to buy the worm box and what kind of waste you can put in here.


Upcycling is a special form of recycling, where you establish the product of recycling yourself. To simplify: transforming old into new. Just like the worms inside the worm box produce new fertiliser out of assumed garbage, there are endless options to create something totally new out of apparent broken, non-usable, worthless objects. Whether from broken furniture, shabby clothes, inoperable kitchenware or packaging waste – with a tiny bit of creativity and manual skills, you can establish awesome new products out of almost everything you think you don’t need anymore – cheap and individual. Some great suggestions you can find here.

4.DIY – Do it yourself!

Especially when it comes to toiletries and household items like shampoo, soap or cleaning products, it can be difficult to avoid packaging waste or find products completely without packaging. That’s why the motto is: do it yourself! It’s not only cheaper and waste-free, you also know exactly what’s inside and you don’t have to worry about chemical additives. You can find a lot of articles and blogs in the web how to produce your own deodorant, shampoo or body lotion, for example here.

5.Preparation is everything

Yes, that may sound a little bit conservative at first, but it’s actually not at all. This tip is for sure the easiest and fastest one to implement in your life: write a shopping list and buy only what you really need, always have your gunny sack, reusable coffee mug or drinking bottle with you – a tiny bit of preparation makes a huge different in the daily waste life. And if you still have too much food once in a while, luckily there a numerous food-sharing platforms, with the motto: sharing is caring 🙂

We love the Zero Waste concept and wish you a lot of fun avoiding waste!

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