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Zero Waste Lifestyle (4)

Zero Waste Lifestyle (4)

After we have already explained the basics of the zero waste lifestyle in our last blog articles, we will come to concrete tips in the field of groceries and the kitchen today:

In the Kitchen

Do you remember the five basic steps of implementing the zero waste lifestyle? Especially step two also applies to your kitchen, wherefore you should part with rarely used kitchen devices and cookbooks. Also use-and-throw things should be abandoned in a zero waste kitchen, of course. Instead of tin foil or freezer bags, you could use air-tight jars for storing your groceries. Moreover, many foodstuffs can be easily fabricated with only a handful of ingredients. Then, you will also know, what you are actually consuming instead of straining your health with chemistry. However, you should only prepare things which are not too elaborate for you should be able to integrate it in the long run without making your life too complicated. Organising your refrigerator efficiently and defrosting it regularly can also help saving energy and groceries from perishing.


Before going shopping, you should write down a weekly schedule for your meals and only buy ingredients that you really need therefor and that you do not already have at home. Also the utilisation of leftovers should be taken into account beforehand so that you do not have to throw them away afterwards. Many things can also be quick-freezed. But it is necessary to look for recipes which consist of few ingredients that can also be purchased loosely. Only then you can try to buy unpackaged products, for example on weekly markets. But there are also many bulk stores where you can fill your own containers. Anyway, also at the meat or fish counter, you could simply ask the salesperson to fill the groceries in your self brought box. Additionally, you should take your own shopper basket with you and go without plastic bags and receipts.

You will find many more tips about zero waste and great recipes in Bea Johnson’s guide!

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