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The New Year´s Concert – Vienna Philharmonic Orchestra

The New Year´s Concert – Vienna Philharmonic Orchestra

Year after year: the legendary New Year´s Concert of the Vienna Philharmonic Orchestra!

The concert hast first been held in 1939 and is being played ever since in the Musikvereinssaal in Vienna. The room fits about 200 persons and the concert ist broadcasted by public television since 1959. Every year the orchestra plays various pieces by the Strauss dynasty (Johan father & son, Josef and Eduard) but also other composers such as Josef Hellmesberger junior or Joseph Lanner.

The programme is always the same and has become a ritual: after the two main pieces have been played two more encores are being held. Just as the second encore starts the audience starts to applaude during the introductory beat. The orchestra then wishes a Prosit Neujahr.
Finally a third encore follows with the Redetzky March.

The concert is being broadcasted live in more than 80 countries and is a truly unique event which you should see live at least once in your lifetime.

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