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New Year’s Resolutions
New Year’s Resolutions: Voluntary Work

Christmas is over and New Year is just around the corner again. The turn of the year is probably the most popular occasion to make some good resolutions. To do more sports or to finally stop smoking are presumably the most common examples. But how about the New Year’s resolution to help others and to devote one’s time to people or animals in need? We have collected a few great examples for volunteer work in Vienna: The Caritas is looking for volunteers in many domains like for example in the attending of patients in palliative care. There, you can help to permit terminally ill people to lead a life in dignity to the last. If you are a passionate cooker, then you could prepare 200 portions of food for the homeless people in the Gruft together with other helpers. Or you become a reading mentor who supports pupils with reading difficulties by reading and practising together with them. Moreover, the Wiener Lerntafel offers free learning aid for children from socially disadvantaged families and therefore needs voluntary helpers with pedagogical experiences.   If you have a heart for children and aside from that also bring much time and patience, you could [...]

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