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The new Way of Working: Coworking
Co-what? Coworking!

Coworking means as much as “working together” and that is exactly what we are doing when we are sharing a huge office in so-called Coworking Spaces, despite the fact that we are working in different sectors and for different customers. And there lies the appealingness. We are not only saving costs by sharing the horrendous rents and the infrastructure of the office and by paying only for our own desk, we also create a room for mutual exchange, support and inspiration. Aside from that, all the freelancers, independent workers, digital nomads or students gain the possibility to replace their Home Office flexibly by the Coworking Space. That is already the next advantage of the Coworking Place: its flexibility. No matter whether daily, weekly or only monthly – you mostly get a desk completely spontaneously for as long as you need it. You only have to bring your notebook. Electricity, WiFi, printer, copier and conference rooms are already included in the rental charge of the most Coworking Spaces.

Coworking in Vienna

This new kind of working environment is a worldwide trend which has evolved around the topic of creativity, innovation and networking. It is not only about saving costs and silently working side by side, but rather about synergies which emerge in such a setting, no matter if you pursue a vocational project or a personal passion. Also in Vienna there already are a few Coworking Spaces which support this concept. We listed a few for you in the following:

Stockwerk Coworking Space          Loffice Wien

Sektor 5          Impact Hub          Schraubenfabrik

Working at our Place

On beautiful days, we cordially invite you to sit down with your laptop in our lovingly arranged hotel garden in the inner yard. Here, you are undisturbed and have a quick WiFi connection at command. And where could you probably work better than in the middle of flowers and green with a refreshing bio-drink or a delicious espresso in the early-afternoon sun? In this beautiful setting, even the most unpleasant tasks manage themselves!

In order to clear your mind before a strenuous working day, you best cycle to us with your bike! After the pleasant movement in fresh air, you will have the power to tackle all your tasks directly, for sure! In our bicycle garage, you can charge your e-bike during your working time, by the way. And if you do not own a bike, we will be happy to lend you one.

Moreover, the Boutiquehotel is the perfect accommodation for your business trip to Vienna. Benefit from our central location as we are within easy reach of the Main Station and the Westbahnhof Train Station by the public means of transport.

And should you have to discuss something important with your colleagues, we offer the perfect facilities for it! Our cosy conference room with a view to nature, is proper for Green Meetings, seminars, conventions, workshops and much more. For creative breaks you even have a terrace at hand if the weather comes into the picture. Just take look at our Green Meeting Package, we are sure that you will find something suitable for your event!