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Merry Christmas

from the entire team of Boutique Hotel Stadthalle   Fröhliche Weihnachten!    Merry Christmas!    Feliz Navidad!    Sretan Bozic! Buon Natale!       Boze Narodzenie!       Joyeux Noel!     Feliz Natal! Pozdrevlyayu s prazdnikom Rozhdestva is Novim Godom!    Hristos se rodi! Sretan Bozic!   Noeliniz Ve Yeni Yiliniz Kutlu Olsun! Kellemes karácsonyt és boldog Újévet!    Kala Christouyenna!  

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Ice-skating in Vienna

Like every year the city of Vienna builds up the “Wiener Eistraum” just in front of the Rathaus. The city manages to establish this 7.000 square meter big mobile ice-skating park in just 13 days and uses about 460 cubic meters of wood (which can mostly be reused for the following year). The official opening ceremony is on the 22. January 2015 at 7pm and the entrance is free for that night. The Wiener Eistraum will then be opened until the 8. March 2015 and costs you 6,50€ as an adult. However please find all price categories here. If you want to take a break from ice-skating you can enjoy a nice warm Punsch or Glühwein at one of the many stands that also offer food. Watching other people trying to ice-skate can also be fun. The Wiener Eistraum is one of a kind and you should really check it out. Of course you can find the accommodation with us. Have a look at our room packages.

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The New Year´s Concert – Vienna Philharmonic Orchestra

Year after year: the legendary New Year´s Concert of the Vienna Philharmonic Orchestra! The concert hast first been held in 1939 and is being played ever since in the Musikvereinssaal in Vienna. The room fits about 200 persons and the concert ist broadcasted by public television since 1959. Every year the orchestra plays various pieces by the Strauss dynasty (Johan father & son, Josef and Eduard) but also other composers such as Josef Hellmesberger junior or Joseph Lanner. The programme is always the same and has become a ritual: after the two main pieces have been played two more encores are being held. Just as the second encore starts the audience starts to applaude during the introductory beat. The orchestra then wishes a Prosit Neujahr. Finally a third encore follows with the Redetzky March. The concert is being broadcasted live in more than 80 countries and is a truly unique event which you should see live at least once in your lifetime. You can buy tickets online here and find the great hotel room with us!

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150 years Ringstraße

The Emperor Franz Joseph inaugurated the Ringstraße exactly on the 1.May 1865. 150 years is reason enough for the city of Vienna to celebrate this famous boulevard with numerous events and exhibitions next year. And reason enough for us to investigate some more information about this unique street. The emperor ordered various buildings to be built along this road including the Staatsoper, the Burgtheater, the Rathaus and many more sights that still today are among the most famous buildings of Vienna. The street is 5,3 kilometers long and about 57 meters broad and has been one of the most important streets for the upper class back in the days. Today the Ringstrasse is used for numerous events such as the Vienna City Marathon or the Regenbogenparade. But especially next year the city of Vienna will organize unique events because of the 150th birthday of the street. Here is a selection of the events until next summer: January Various balls in the Rathaus, the Hofburg, Musikverein, Konzerthaus 20. Wiener Eistraum (22.1.-8.3.) February Wiener Opernball (12.2.) April Argus Bike Festival on the Rathausplatz (11.-12.4.) Vienna City Marathon (12.4.) May Life Ball at the Rathaus including opening ceremony (16.5.) June Vienna Pride & 20. Regenbogenparade (16.-21.6.) 25. Jazz Fest Wien (29.6.-8.7.) […]

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Rent the Tesla S in Vienna

The electric automobile has been lifted to a new level this year thanks to the Tesla S from Blitzzcar. Never before has driving been this economical or sustainable, and with an impressive range of approximately 400 km. The company was founded in March 2014 and is currently running a trial test until June 2015. It features a consumption level of 23 kWh per 100 km, which equals that of a 2.5 litre car with a combustion engine. The charging capacity is at 85 kWh, it has a maximum speed of 200 km/h and accelerates from 0 to 100km/h in only 5.6 seconds. Unbelievable how impressive this electric car is! The best advantages of Blitzzcar rental: the cars will be delivered to your door! Also, they can be returned without a full charge and have unlimited mileage included in the rental price. A Blitzzday including comprehensive coverage, delivery and unlimited mileage costs € 249.00. If you want to rent the Tesla S for a Blitzzweekend, you can do this for € 398.00 and in case you are interested in the Crowd Investor Program, you can rent the Tesla S for a wonderful tariff called Blitzcrowdday at € 144.00 per day. All cars are equipped with Smatrics charging cards which are super […]

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