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We always get a lot of feedback from our guests and we are very happy about that fact! Feedback is very important to us, as this is the only manner to get to know what our guests like about our green hotel in Vienna and where they see room for improvement. We are very excited to receive your review about your stay at Boutiquehotel Stadthalle!   Michaela Reitterer and the whole team of Boutiquehotel Stadthalle Find a collection of our past reviews here.

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The Viennese City Bees

That Vienna is a green city in many regards, should have become clear with our blog series “Sustainable en route in Vienna”. But did you know that about 200 million bees from more than 5.000 colonies are bustling about here during summer? Good living conditions Vienna’s numerous meadows, flowers and trees in parks, gardens, avenues, on balconies and greened rooftops provide the ideal habitat for bees with their versatile and consistent supply of food. Moreover, it stays warm longer in the city than on the countryside and there are scarcely pesticides utilised here. Hence, it is no wonder that more and more of these useful insects settle down in Austria’s capital city, sometimes even in very prominent places. For instance, you can find beehives on the roof of the Vienna State Opera and of the town hall or at the Natural History Museum and the Museum of Fine Arts. The Stadtimker In order to support this extraordinary development amidst the general bee deaths, the “Stadtimker” (city beekeepers) have specialised on the demands of urban bees. The association attempts at creating further habitats for wild and honey bees and depends on your support in this mission. Committed citizens can either donate [...]

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Sustainably en route in Vienna (6)

Due to our blog series “Sustainably en route in Vienna” we have already presented you a few green tips for your sustainable trip to the Austrian capital city. Natural cosmetics, vegan restaurants, urban gardening and eco-friendly sightseeing have already been on our list - so what could still be missing? Fair fashion, of course! In the following, you will find some green shops in Vienna: Zerum The young fashion label “Zerum” produces exclusively in the EU in a fair and ecological manner. The name derives from “serum” as some sort of remedy which emphasises the positive aspect of the brand. Instead of third world manufacturing under disastrous conditions, “Zerum” guarantees fair wages, short transport routes and an environment-sparing fabrication. The young and value-oriented team issues a fashionable statement for sustainability and is addressed to fair individualists. The shop in Vienna is decorated with affectionately restored old pieces of furniture. Green Ground “Organic fashion which does not look like eco movement” - that is the motto of “Green Ground”, the concept store in the charming Viennese “Porzellangasse”. Here, value is not only placed on fair trade and eco-conscious manufacturing, but also on modern designs and high quality. Certificated organic textile fabrics [...]

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Sustainably en route in Vienna (5)

In the course of our blog series “sustainably en route in Vienna”, we have already revealed how you best discover Austria’s capital city, where you will find natural cosmetic products here and where you can feast deliciously and vegan. Today we would like to show you that Vienna is not only a green city because of its stunning parks and forests, but also thanks to its urban farms, comunal patches and herbage manufactures: City Farm Schönbrunn The City Farm is the biggest centre of competence for garden pedagogics in Austria. On overall 4.000 square metres, vegetable- and flower beds are grown and even honey is produced here. In different workshops and guided tours, every aspiring gardener can learn more about plant breeding and even taste fancy vegetable rarities. The urban adventure garden also offers an own garden for children to enthuse already the youngest for the diversity of the flora. As unfortunately the location of the City Farm in Schönbrunn has been cancelled, it relies on your support to resettle to the Wiener Augarten. Karls Garten With Karls Garten, Vienna has gained its first display- and research garden for urban agriculture. In the middle of the Karlsplatz on an overall [...]

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Sustainably en route in Vienna (4)

In our last blog article, we have already introduced a few vegan restaurants in Vienna. Today, we would like to expand the list by further culinary delicacies and vegan shops which can be found in the Austrian capital: Voodies Vegan foodies and everyone who just wants to try some vegan tidbits, will get their money’s worth at Voodies on the Naschmarkt. Voodies know where the ingredients from their meals are coming from and they place value on a sustainable and eco-friendly lifestyle. All this is fulfilled by the delicious dutch fries, burgers, wraps, salads and snacks of the highest quality. Tian Elaborated gourmet kitchen with eight or ten courses will await you at Tian. For its creative vegan and vegetarian kitchen, Tian has even been the first Austrian restaurant to be rewarded with one Michelin star and three Gault Millau toques. Moreover, they rely on regional and seasonal products from domestic suppliers. So, what are you waiting for? Grant yourself a culinary vegan treat! Lebenbauer The Lebenbauer Vollwertrestaurant bets on a balanced relationship between vitamins as well as minerals and roughages. Fresh raw salads, soups, vegetables and grain from organic farming are served here. All the dishes can also be [...]

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Sustainably en route in Vienna (3)

After we have already revealed how you can explore the Austrian capital in a sustainable manner and where you can purchase natural cosmetic products here in our last two blog articles, we would like to introduce some vegan restaurants in Vienna today: Loving Hut Loving Hut belongs to the fastest growing vegan fast food chains in the world. Here, you will not only be spoiled with Asian and international dishes but also with different local specialties which vary from city to city. Swing Kitchen The Swing Kitchen provides you with delicious vegan burgers at several locations in Vienna and thereby completely renounces plastic packaging. Moreover, the majority of the ingredients are drawn from regional and genetically unmodified growing or from organic fairtrade productions. Veggiezz Vegan casual dining at three locations in Vienna is offered by Veggiezz. The mouthwatering soups, burgers, pasta, wraps, healthy bowls and much more can also conveniently be ordered via delivery service to your home, by the way. Yamm! Also Yamm! tempts with delivery service as well as with versatile and exceptional breakfast, daily lunch and a vegan buffet which also contains lactose- and gluten-free dishes. Green smoothies, homemade lemonades and exclusive cocktails complete the picture. Vegetasia [...]

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