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Why you should avoid Palm Oil (2)

In our last blog article, we have already pointed out, why palm oil is so harmful to our planet. As we have promised, we would like to illustrate how you can avoid this omnipresent ingredient today:

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Why you should avoid Palm Oil

Palm oil, respectively palm fat, is on everyone’s lips at the moment. It is omnipresent, you can find it in one in two supermarket products. It is the most produced plant oil in the world and taken together, palm oil plantations would cover an area as big as New Zealand. But what is it all about? Why is it so harmful to our environment? And how can one avoid palm oil if it is contained in numerous groceries, cosmetic products and even in petrol? We will reveal everything you need to know about it:

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Vegetarian Diet for Pets

As a vegetarian, one easily feels placed in a dilemma when it comes to feeding one’s pets. Oneself renounces meat for ethical causes, but dog and cat get conventional animal feed, possibly even from mass husbandry? Therefore, more and more pet owners hit on the idea to put their pets on a vegetarian diet as well. But is that even healthy?

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Sustainable Gardening (3)

In our last two blog articles, we have already provided you with some helpful tips for sustainable gardening. Today, we would like to present to you the final steps towards your green oasis of peace:

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Sustainable Gardening (2)

In our last blog article, we have already introduced the first steps towards a sustainable garden and we have collected some more useful tips for you in the following:

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