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Our Advent Calendar with sustainable Gift Ideas (3)

After we have already presented you some sustainable gift ideas in our last two blog articles, we do not want to deprive you from our third advent calendar session this week, of course! We are sure that you will find one or two inspirations for Christmas here:   13. Cloth Bag from Manomama “Act local. Respect global.” - this important message can be spread with the stylish cloth bag from Manomama from now on. No matter, whether for shopping, carrying books or as a daily attendant, the vegan bag of certificated Bio-cotton with the one-sided red imprint is a real eyecatcher and the perfect gift for everyone who lives environmentally conscious. 14. Baking Book “Veganpassion” The baking book “Veganpassion” contains versatile sweet but also hearty recipe ideas, inspired by English tea biscuits, French pâtisserie and German classics like the Black Forest cake - all of them vegan! Detailed photo series illustrate the recipes very vividly and thereby also simplify the first experiences of baking newcomers. 15. Christkindl Gift Box from Sonnentor You can bestow Christmas spirit with the affectionately designed Christkindl gift box from Sonnentor. Delicious Bio-cookies, magic lights tea, Advent spices, an aroma stone and a Christmas card are [...]

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Our Advent Calendar with sustainable Gift Ideas (2)

Last week, we have already presented you a few sustainable gift ideas for Christmas which will bring joy to your loved ones, for sure. Today, our Advent calendar will go into the second round with some more green suggestions for Happy Holidays. Get inspired: 7.Gift Box from Zettl The Gift box from Zettl is full of exclusive delicacies which will fill every gourmet with enthusiasm. Affectionately served, you will find a homemade ”Hussitenkugel”, a gingerbread in the shape of a Christmas tree, a Florentine biscuit, a magical fruit tea in a squared bag and acacia honey, everything locally grown. 8.Solar Charger from Power Traveller The Solar charger from Power Traveller is the perfect Christmas gift for all the adventurers who bank on sustainability. The mobile charging station is suited for the use on the go, as it is spray water resistant and handy. The charger converts solar energy into power, also under less good weather conditions and even stocks it until utilization, if necessary. 9.Dora’s Glass Bottle in Ethno slipcover Ethno is more than a trend, it is a statement! With this stylish special edition of Dora’s glass bottle, you will set yourself apart from the mass, for sure. The [...]

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Our Advent calendar with sustainable Gift Ideas (1)

Finally the time has come! Today we can open the first little door of our Advent calendar and on Sunday, we can even light the first candle already. Hence, the year slowly comes to an end and then of course the urgent question arises inevitably: what shall I give as a Christmas present this year again? In order that you do not have to persecute yourself any longer with this problem, we will release our own Advent calendar every week from now on. Here, we have collected a few useful and stylish gift ideas for you which even are sustainable as well. We wish you a lot of fun with looking through our green recommendations: 1.Spice Advent calendar from Sonnentor Passionate hobby cooks will find exactly 24 handy portion bags with the most versatile spices and finest seasoning mixes in the spice Advent calendar from Sonnentor. Along with the Christmassy standee, a recipe book with great cooking and baking ideas will be delivered so that you can immediately get started. No matter whether hearty delicacies or sweet desserts, with the 100% vegan spices, everyone will make a find, for sure. And what could be more beautiful in the tranquil Pre-Christmas [...]

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Zero Waste (6)

We have already explained how you can realize Zero Waste in your kitchen and your bathroom in our last blog articles about this topic. Today follows the next step with the important question how you can also implement this minimalistic lifestyle in your bedroom: Zero Waste in the bedroom: One third of our lifetime we spend sleeping wherefore it is essential to create a healthy and restful environment for that. This works by sticking to one of the most important basic rules of Zero Waste: Reduce. By clearing out your bedroom and freeing it from carpets, unnecessary pieces of furniture and decoration, less dust will accumulate and you will avoid allergens and harmful chemicals in your oasis of rest. Furthermore, computers, televisions and training tools belong to your living room as they falsely signalize your mind that activity is the routine of your bedroom and thereby prevents you from falling asleep. Aside from that, chairs are generally used to collect loads of dirty laundry. By avoiding these kind of storage places, you will be forced to make a quick decision: either the garment wanders into the laundry basket or it is immediately folded and stored in the wardrobe again. You [...]

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Zero Waste (5)

After we have revealed how you can implement this lifestyle in your kitchen with our last Zero Waste blog article, we will come to another difficult matter today: the bathroom. Do we really need numerous cosmetics in plastic tubes, phials and jars, in some cases even twice or threefold? This downright hoarding of care products is actually not only environmentally but also health damaging. Hence, it is worth trying to renounce packings and chemical ingredients, especially since many products can be easily produced by yourself. It is helpful to remember the five basic steps in order to gradually reduce waste also in the bathroom. Step one reads “Refuse” which means that we should not take little shampoo bottles from hotel rooms with us, as tempting as it might be. Moreover, we should reject synthetic contents categorically and look for plantal alternatives instead which you can often find loose in organic shops. SkinDeep helps you to identify pollutants in cosmetics. We are probably hoarding many of our beauty products mainly because the media assert us convincingly that they make us prettier, younger and slimmer. However, we should stay realistic and verify what is really true about it and, as far as [...]

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