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We care about our suppliers #7

What would Austria be without its pastries and cakes? Well – at least only half as delicious. Our sustainably produced organic cereal products come from the corn mill Schälmühle Nestelberger, Perg, OÖ The Nestelberger mill processes and distributes products from organic farmers in Austria. Nestelberger’s history already starts in 1931. Since that time the famous flour mill with adjacent flour shop are a family business. After a fire in 1980 the mill was rebuilt and restructured. Nowadays, the mill processes all kinds of grain types. The majority comes from 150 Austrian farmers, as sustainability is the company’s main issue. In the adjacent shop, you can choose between 4000 different organic products from all over the world. The product range is continuously adjusted and expanded according to customer requests. The quality maintains consistent as only certified products are sold in the shop. The products have been a great success in the past which is why Nestelberger now has 38 employees and supplies shops in Austria and Europe – and us, of course. Finally, one last point: the Nestelbergers, more precisely Stefan sen., is the inventor of the nowadays famous “European Rice”, the spelt rice. Stefan sen. had the genious idea to use spelt [...]

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The new year starts good: We have won the Holidaycheck Gold Award

The new year is only two weeks old and it starts promising. For the fifth year in a row we have won the Holidaycheck Award. That makes us proud and we are very happy about it. Our guests are close to our hearts and each day we strive to make our guest’s stay in our beautiful hotel a memorable experience. How hotels get awarded by Holidaycheck The Holidaycheck Award is given to hotels which received very good evaluations from guests. Each year, the best hotels in different regions are being awarded. The winners are those hotels who received the best evaluations over the past year. In each region, up to ten hotels get awarded. The hotels have to meet the minimum criteria to be able to win. Those criteria are a recommendation rate of at least 90%, an overall evaluation of 5,0 (out of 6) and at least 50 new evaluations from real guest in the past year. Furthermore, the hotels mustn’t violate the “Holidaycheck Code of Conduct”. This code forbids the hotel to push guests to evaluate the hotel in a certain way but allows to ask politely for an evaluation. The Holidaycheck Gold Award To receive the Holidaycheck [...]

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Enjoy spring in Vienna – May 2017 has a lot to offer!

Snow is falling....it does look pretty but it also makes us think about warmer days in spring. We all are looking forward to having breakfast outside on the terrace, a bike ride through the city or a stroll through the park where we’re kissed by the sun. How good this would be! Vienna in spring is lovely, the „Prater“ (area in Vienna known for its parks and sports facilities) is flourishing, the parks fill with sun lovers and the cafés open their „Schanigärten“ (Austrian for terraces). And in our beautiful hotel the lavender starts to blossom on our lavender rooftop garden – not only a visual but also a sweet-smelling highlight. Events in Vienna in spring Apart from the visual pleasure Vienna offers in springtime, there are also some great events coming up that definitely make the metropole worth visiting. The “Stadthalle”, an event venue only a few steps away from our hotel, stages a lot of exciting events. Upcoming events include concerts of the worldwide famous bands Kiss (21st May) and Deep Purple (17th May) as well as the musician Shawn Mendes (4th May). Furthermore, performances by well-known German comedians like Dieter Nuhr (14th May) and Otto (9th and [...]

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Green gifts for Christmas – Part 2

This week we are introducing part 2 of our Advent calendar with gift ideas for Christmas presents. Like last week’s gifts, this weeks are made with upcycled or recycled materials as well. You’ve probably heard of the tons of trash take-away coffee cups are responsible for each year. Each year 100 Billion coffee cups are thrown away. The alternatives are often made of plastic which can contain plasticisers. And these can be dangerous for our health. But you can get a great alternative: the Ecoffee Cup. The cup isn’t only a lightweight with only 125g but also very robust. It is made exclusively from natural organic bamboo fibre. A stylish backpack made from canvas and organic leather. Yes, we have that. The backpack “Michelle” is available in the FairTrade Shop and is manufactured under ecological circumstances. The eco-leather is made from nuts, fruits and barks. The irregularities in the leather show that it is a real natural product. Nowadays you should always have one at hand. It is an everyday companion, small, lightweight and practical. And usually it’s sorely missed when lost. Exactly, the usb stick. Usually though the practical companion is made of plastic and unfortunately it’s the reason [...]

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We care about our suppliers #5

This week we like to introduce one of our most important suppliers: Sonnberg – Austria's biggest organic butchery, Unterweißenbach im Mühlviertel, OÖ Over 10 years ago the cooperation between the manager Manfred Huber and the butchery Wolfgang Fürst in Unterweißenbach began. Together, they found the company Sonnberg Biofleisch GmbH. At the same time they converted the manufacturing into 100% organic. Since 2010, the butchery is Austria’s largest 100% organic meat processor. Sonnberg stands for honesty, gusto and Austrian origin. The basis is respectful, species-appropriate farming in rural organic farms and if possible a hassle-free transportation of the animals to the butchery, which is the requirement for the excellent taste of their organic meat and sausage products. The butchery purchases its meat exclusively from organic, sustainable Austrian farmers. At the manufacturing stage, Sonnberg puts special emphasis on natural ingredients and foregoes flavour enhancers and artificial colourings. The spices used are 100% organic as well. But not only are the products organic. The manufacturing takes place with a lot of environmental awareness. To keep the production eco-friendly and sustainable, Sonnberg uses biomass, photovoltaics and the latest ventilation and cooling technology. If you want to get an impression of the butchery, you can [...]

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