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Blonde beauties for Valentine’s Day

How time flies! Valentine’s Day is already next week! Still looking for the perfect present for your love? The Stadthalle Wien presents extraordinary events and shows in 2016. And especially in April when even three blonde beauties visit Vienna – Mariah Carey, Sarah Connor & Cindy aus Marzahn :). So what about some romantic days for you and your partner in the heart of Austria’s capital? To complete the event-present, we created the package Romantic holiday in Vienna for you to enjoy a laid back and cozy stay in our Boutiquehotel Stadthalle. On April 7th, 2016 the blonde triple starts with the loud and noisy Berlin girly girl Cindy aus Marzahn.  With a lot of Berlinish sense of humor, she ensures laughter and tears of joy. The pinkish pleasure for all comedy fans is available from 40,90 Euro up at Wiener Stadthalle. Sarah Connor – goosebumps guaranteed on the 16th of April 2016. With her new album “Muttersprache – Live 2016” in German language, she touches the hearts of her fans. 100% Sarah Connor, authentic and full of emotion – tickets are available here from 48,50 Euro up. Last but not least in the blonde row – the queen of […]

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Five tips to go GREEN!

As an utterly green hotel it is our mission to act resource-friendly. With passive house design in our building extension, solar panels & co. our Boutiquehotel Stadthalle achieves a zero-energy-balance. However it is also quite simple to implement an eco-friendly lifestyle @home – often with small means. Thus, we present five useful tips to save energy in one’s own four walls. 1.    It’s the ventilation that matters Even if in winter it is uncomfortably cold it is important to ventilate intensively two times a day. Through it one can maintain a pleasant indoor climate without cooling down the apartment or house – that’s also the reason why you shouldn’t leave the windows tilted the whole day. And don’t forget: Turn down the heating while ventilation! 2.    The thing with the standby mode – you know… Yes, the standby mode on notebooks or TVs is quite handy – one touch of a button and everything is fine. But energy savers know that the tiny red-illuminating lamp is pretty much of an energy guzzler. So it would be better to pull the plugs from time to time or to even use plug connectors which can be switched off. 3.    Kettles for president […]

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Retro Weeks at Boutiquehotel Stadthalle

We celebrate retro weeks at Boutiquehotel Stadthalle. Our hotel has a very long tradition. At the beginning of the year we first want to have a look at the past before we have a look ahead. Our main building that contains 41 rooms is a real Viennese turn of the century building.

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Our X-mas Shopping Package

We offer you a unique package during Christmas time. With our X-mas Shopping Package your Christmas shopping will become a real pleasure. The closely located Mariahilfer Street is a great place for a relaxing Christmas shopping. On our shopping site you can find further tips that will make your Christmas time in Vienna a great success. What does the package include? If you book the X-mas Shopping Package at our hotel, you will receive everything you need for your shopping tour. You will sleep one night in our beautiful and cozy hotel, enjoy a rich breakfast in the morning, a roll of wrapping paper per person and a bottle of sparkling wine, that you can drink during your shopping trip with your companion. Furthermore you will receive many information about the best shopping places in Vienna. If you have any question, you can of course always ask our receptionists. Here you can find more information about our package: X-mas Shopping Package

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Advent Market -20%

As every year we offer you also this year a special package. Our Advent Market Relaxed -20% package helps you to escape from the busy pre-Christmas rush. Enjoy your holiday in Vienna, stroll around the beautifully decorated Christmas markets or visit one of the interesting sights in Vienna. On our site “Christmas in Vienna” you can find some more information for your holiday in Vienna during the winter. This is in the package! During the time from November 14th and December 24th 2015 we offer 3 nights in our cozy hotel with a 20% Christmas discount. In the morning you can enjoy a rich breakfast and receive some more information from our service team for your stay in Vienna. Our team is always more than glad to provide you with information and answer your questions. If you want to book our package, be aware that the Green Bonus Discount can’t be combined during this period of time. The package is only available from November 14th – December 24th upon availability. We are looking forward to your stay at our hotel. Here you can find further information and the booking for the Advent Market Relaxed -20% package.

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