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Zero Waste in the Boutiquehotel Stadthalle (1)

by Elena Schöber

Currently, Minimalism and Zero Waste approaches are totally in vogue. The aim of the whole thing is certainly not, as often wrongly assumed, to recycle as much of his waste as possible, but on the contrary not to produce any rubbish at all. However only few people are trying to implement this concept actively and to change their way of living permanently so far. If you ask for the reason, you often hear that it surely is too expensive and too much of an effort to live completely without packaging waste. Yet, the award-winning Zero Waste expert Bea Johnson shows that leading an eco friendly and waste-free life is not as hard as you might suppose at first.


About Bea Johnson

Bea Johnson has been realizing the Zero Waste Lifestyle together with her family for nine years now and she assures that this conversion did them incredibly good. The Johnsons are leading a healthier and more meaningful life that is based on experiences instead of material things. Contrary to popular belief, you can even save precious time and ready cash, as normally approximately 15% of the purchase price fall onto the packaging. Hence, the family goes completely without parcelled products and produces only one jar full of waste per year by that time. According to Bea, the best thing about the Zero Waste Lifestyle is, that it even simplifies life, there is less you have to worry about.


In case that you feel like changing your life now, just visit our blog regularly! We will once in a month reveal the best life hacks based on Bea Johnson’s guide so that you too can accomplish to cease your waste production step by step. For also Bea Johnson did not manage to reorganize her way of living overnight, but rather has been trying out how you can possibly avoid producing rubbish permanently without having to twist oneself for years.

We will keep you in the loop!

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