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Zero Waste (6)

by Elena Schöber

We have already explained how you can realize Zero Waste in your kitchen and your bathroom in our last blog articles about this topic. Today follows the next step with the important question how you can also implement this minimalistic lifestyle in your bedroom:

Zero Waste in the bedroom:

One third of our lifetime we spend sleeping wherefore it is essential to create a healthy and restful environment for that. This works by sticking to one of the most important basic rules of Zero Waste: Reduce. By clearing out your bedroom and freeing it from carpets, unnecessary pieces of furniture and decoration, less dust will accumulate and you will avoid allergens and harmful chemicals in your oasis of rest. Furthermore, computers, televisions and training tools belong to your living room as they falsely signalize your mind that activity is the routine of your bedroom and thereby prevents you from falling asleep. Aside from that, chairs are generally used to collect loads of dirty laundry. By avoiding these kind of storage places, you will be forced to make a quick decision: either the garment wanders into the laundry basket or it is immediately folded and stored in the wardrobe again. You will recognise pretty soon that this minimalism brings order and has a really calming effect. Moreover, the air quality in your bedroom will improve and the cleaning up will be considerably facilitated. An indoor plant additionally provides for the purification of the air and can replace unnecessary decoration items. Moreover, you do not need more than two sets of beddings per bed at the maximum, preferably in modest colours, so that they suit every room.

Zero Waste in the wardrobe:

Another hoard of unutilised mispurchases and unbeloved sins of our youth is our wardrobe. Everybody probably knows this scenario: one is standing in front of one’s overfull wardrobe and still does not find anything to wear. But also here applies: culling radically and only leaving the bare necessities. Keep a few clothes which sit well on you and which are versatile so that they can be worn to all kinds of occasions when being combined in different ways. This simplifies the decision and lifts a burden from your shoulders, especially under the every morning stress. Donate unused gear or turn it into floor cleaning clothes. Many things can also be repaired or whipstitched quite easily with a bit of skill. If you do not think that you are capable of doing that, you could also ask at an alteration shop before discarding it. Furthermore, you should purchase from second hand shops, for example. There you will often find hidden treasures. As a general rule applies: rely on timeless style rather than on short-life trends and only buy what you really need. Shopping as a mere leisure-time activity is off-limits from now on!

If would like to learn more about the Zero Waste lifestsyle, we recommend Bea Johnson’s guide!

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