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Visit the green side of Vienna!

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by Elena Schöber

During the summer months many tourists from all over the world come to Vienna. That’s no surprise! The city of Vienna shows its extraordinary beauty during the summer months and the stable climate is perfectly suited for sightseeing. However, once the temperature rises, many of our guests in our central hotel in Vienna look for a place to relax and cool down. The green parks, the Vienna Woods, the danube island or the old danube offer amazing possibilities for doing so. That’s why the team of the green hotel in Vienna wants to present the green sides of Vienna in this blogpost.

Green Vienna in Summer

The green sides of Vienna are not only very popular to the residents of Vienna, but also lots of tourists love the relaxed atmosphere. It can get very hot in Vienna during the summer months and that’s why many people are looking for possibilities to swim or to relax. In that respect, Vienna has a lot to offer: Numerous green parks, possibilities to swim along the river danube as well as a relaxed walk in the Vienna Woods can be a great contrast to sightseeing in the city of Vienna. Furthermore, the green sides of Vienna are easy to discover, as these spots are perfectly connected to public transport.

Green parks in the center of Vienna

Statistically 120 square meters of green space can be attributed to each of the 1,7 million inhabitants of Vienna. Considering that Vienna is a metropole this is almost unbelievable. There are lots of green parks in Vienna, which offer a relaxed atmosphere. If you are sightseeing in the city center, you should check out the Burggarten and the Volksgarten, which are both deemed World Cultural Heritage. In the Burggarten the restaurant Palmenhaus is waiting for you with a restaurant of a different kind. Furthermore, the Stadtpark on the boarder between the 1st and 3rd district offers lots of green space and a lot of room for relaxation.

If you are checking out the Schoenbrunn Palace, you will also have the opportunity of taking a break in the so-called Schlossgarten and the adjacent gloriette. If you feel like enjoying a coffee with a great view, you should also check out the Café on the top of the Gloriette.

Moreover, you should also check out the green areas in the Prater, if you visit the Riesenrad, Vienna’s Landmark, or spend some time with your kids in the theme park during your family holiday in Vienna. Taking a break there can be very relaxing.

Relax on the river Danube

The Donauinsel (engl. danube island) is the local recreational area in Vienna and is easily accessible with public transport. You’ll reach the danube island with metro line U1 (station Donauinsel) or metro line U6 (station Neue Donau). The danube island offers a lot of possibilities to jump into the water or enjoy a drink or ice cream in the numerous Cafés. Further down the river danube, you’ll find the Lobau, Vienna’s jungle. Here you’ll have the opportunity to hike the trails there or do organized boat trips. Check out this link for more information on the Lobau.

If you feel like riding padel boats or taking a swim, you should definitely go to the Old Danube. The Old Danube is an arm of the river Danube, which was created during the regulation of the Danube in the 1970s. The Old Danube is easily reachable with the metro (metro line U1, station “Alte Donau”). If you feel like relaxing in one of the bathing beaches, you should visit the Gänsehäufel or the Arbeiter Strandbad.

Hike the Vienna Woods

The Vienna Woods offer great spots to relax. Many hiking trails make it easy to enjoy the green Vienna and the shades of the woods make you cool down. The hills Kahlenberg and Leopoldsberg are especially popular to the Viennese population. If you feel like doing mountain biking, you’ll also find a couple of mountainbike trails on these two hills. Find more information on the Vienna Woods here.

Holiday in the green hotel in Vienna

If you want to spend your holiday in a green atmosphere and still live in the city center of Vienna, then our central hotel in Vienna is your accommodation of choice. The Boutiquehotel Stadthalle offers, apart from a cosy terrace in the courtyard, a green lavender garden, which makes our guests in our central hotel in Vienna relax after a long day of sightseeing in the city of Vienna.

We wish you a great stay in the Boutiquehotel Stadthalle!

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We are open!

We provide information about the current measures here.