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Viennese coffee culture

by Elena Schöber

Ordering a coffee in Vienna requires a bit of expertise, because of the numerous types of coffee. Try a “Melange” (espresso with milk and milk froth), a “Verlängerter” (espresso with hot water, milk separately), a “kleiner Brauner” (espresso with milk) or a “Einspänner” (small mocca served in a glass with whipped cream) … coffee in Vienna is definitely an experience.

One of the most beautiful cafés in Vienna is Café Central in Herrengasse. You can enjoy your coffee and one of the delicious pastries while listening to piano music. Typical Viennese café tradition!

One of the oldest Cafés is Café Hawelka. It is situated in the centre of Vienna in Dorotheergasse. This Café is pure history. Since its opening in 1939 nothing has changed. Try out the “Buchteln” a typical Viennese dessert!

We can also highly recommend Café Jelinek. The Café is located in the vicinity of Mariahilferstraße and has a particular flair. The furniture is all vintage and it is full of paintings! The homemade cakes are excellent.

Café Phil is one of the “in“ places to visit, it is located in Gumpendorferstraße, as well as the Café Europe in Zollertstraße. Both Cafés are individually designed and furbished and have a great choice of food on their menu.


Other Cafés one should visit:

Café Engländer, Postgasse 2, 2. Bezirk

Café Espresso, Burggasse 57, 7. Bezrik

Café Prückel , Stubenring, 1. Bezrik

Café Sperl, Gumpendorferstrasse 11, 6. Bezirk

authors: Anna and Claudia

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