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Vienna’s Biodiversity

by Elena Schöber

In our last blog article, we have already introduced our extraordinary city bees and their honey to our readers. But there are many more green spaces in the middle of the city here which show an impressing biodiversity:

The Wienerwald which spreads over the federal states Lower Austria and Vienna, significantly contributes to the protection of ecosystems and landscapes as well as to the preservation of the ecological biodiversity. For this reason, it has been marked out as biosphere reserve by the UNESCO. As a model region for sustainability, the Wienerwald supports ecologically friendly forms of land use and a better understanding of the interactions between man and nature. With over 2.000 plant species and extremely versatile habitats, this phenomenon exemplifies how the variety of nature and culture can exist even at the edge of the city.


As scientifically led animal park, the Schönbrunn zoo does not only place importance on education, research and recovery, but also very much on nature and species protection. The participation in numerous open land projects for endangered animals all over the world by financial means, expert knowledge and PR are characteristic for the commitment of the Schönnbrunn zoo. The rescue missions for the rare giant river turtles or the polar bears, the species conservation project for pandas as well as the advancement of the ecotourism in Nepal for the preservation of the red pandas are only a few examples therefore. But also many domestic wild animals have found a home at the Schönbrunn zoo, as it creates very beneficial living conditions in the middle of the city.

As a part of the Danube-Auen National Park, the Lobau is home to more than 800 plants, 30 mammal and 100 breeding bird species as well as to numerous fishes, amphibians and reptiles. Therefore, the water forest whose emblem is the beautiful Kingfisher, has also been named Biosphere Reserve by the UNESCO. But the Lobau as a green oasis does not only invite to relaxation, but also to some exciting activities. At a guided adventure hike, for example, the characteristics of the ecosystem are pointed out. But also on a hiking or cycling tour on one’s own which is perfectly possible due to the good signposting, or on an excursion with the national park boat, you can discover the Lobau. In some waters, you can even bathe in summer and the Napoleon circular walk will lead you to the most important historical sites of the battle of Aspern and Essling.


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