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Viennale 2015

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by Elena Schöber

The international film festival of Austria takes place this year from October 22th till November 5th and will show film classics and highlights of the film history. The main topic of this year’s retrospective will be the animal kingdom. Among others the classic of Alfred Hitchcock “Die Vögel” will be seen. As a special, the protagonist of Tippi Hedren’s film will pay the Viennale a visit.

The Viennale sees that current films are being brought to Vienna, that otherwise would not be shown in Vienna’s cinemas. This time are also some world premieres among them. The programme is wide-ranging and will include some great films of famous film directors such as “Irrational Man” by Woody Allen and the drama “Mia Madre” by the Italian film director Nanni Moretto, but it will also present the visitors some films of rather unknown film directors. With the film “Lampedusa im Winter” by Jakob Brossmann there is also an Austrian film represented. This year many films will be about the coloured population in the United States of America.

Retrospective “Animals”

Furthermore the retrospective will be about the topic “Animals”. Thereby many film where animals are a part of will be shown. Many highlights will be seen when starting with “Tarzan – The Ape Man” along to the classic “King Kong” of 1933 and “Moby Dick” from 1956 and “The Fly” by David Cronenberg. There will by also documentaries and this year it will be especially about the film making itself. Means there will be documentaries about the film directors Jim Jarmusch and Claude Lanzmann.

The Viennale takes place:
October 22th – November 05th 2015
Locaton: Different cinemas in Vienna
Here you can find the whole programme of the Viennale:
Tickets can be bought from October 17th 2015

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