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Vienna is one of the most sustainable cities worldwide

by Elena Schöber

A sustainable lifestyle is important to us. Arcardis, a Dutch planning and consulting office, together with the London Centre for Economics and Business Research have conducted the so-called “Sustainable Cities Index 2016”. The Index rates cities in three categories regarding their sustainability. Our beautiful Vienna ranked 4th, a great placing right behind Zurich, Singapore and Stockholm.

The Sustainable Cities Index 2016 evaluated 100 cities worldwide. The Top 10 cities are mostly European cities as well as Singapore and Seoul. American cities are ranked in the mid-range, the taillights are Asian and African cities with four Indian cities in the last 10 places. According to the director of the study, those cities have little chances to rank higher due to the consequences that follow climate change, rapid urbanisation and lack of capital.

The Index is conducted in three categories: “People”, “Planet” and “Profit”. The category People inspects health, education, income equality, work-life balance, crime and housing and living costs – these indicators can be broadly thought of as capturing “quality of life”. The second category Planet inspects the “green factors” of a city, such as the use of renewable energy, energy consumption, green space within the city, greenhouse gas emissions, drinking water and many more. The category Profit ranks cities according to their infrastructure, tourism, GDP per capita, the city’s importance in global economic networks and employment rates.

On closer examination of the subindizes it becomes clear that no city ranks the same in every category. Vienna ranks especially good in the categories People and Planet. Vienna is one of the cities with the largest green areas worldwide, almost half of the city are green areas. These offer the inhabitants a wide range of leisure activities and relaxation options. Furthermore, Vienna offers a very high living standard that most of the inhabitants can afford to live by.

Environmental and climate protection is a fixed component of the city’s politics, the reduction of CO2 emissions improves every year.

In the subindex Profit Vienna “only” ranks 14th but lots of European cities rank worse in this category. According to the authors these results can be traced back to the euro crisis which also explains the high rankings of the financial metropolises Singapore, Hong Kong, London, Dubai and Zurich.

The index shows that no city is perfect. Every city has their own challenges to deal with in one or the other category. Vienna can be very satisfied with its placing and doesn’t have to change much in the future to maintain one of the most sustainable cities worldwide. We are happy that with our green hotel we are able to contribute to the city’s sustainability.

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