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Upcycling Tip: Making use of old books


by Elena Schöber

In this Upcycling Tip we want to show you how you can make use of old books and convert them into new furniture. It is very important to us to bring the topic of Upcycling closer to our guests in the Boutiquehotel Stadthalle, as this concept builds on the values of environmental friendliness and sustainability – two values which are of utmost importance in our central hotel in Vienna! This is the reason why we furnished seven rooms using upcycling in collaboration with the University of Applied Arts Vienna. We reused old books and converted them into new objects, such as tables.

Creative furniture made out of old books

Before you throw your old books into the bin, you should consider missing out on the next trip to the furniture store and creating stylish furniture yourself. The team in the Boutiquehotel Stadthalle is following this philosophy with enthusiasm and furnished seven of our rooms in line with the concept of Upcycling. We are very proud that many of our guests in our central hotel in Vienna give us amazing feedback on these rooms.

Night stands made out of old books

Old boElegant rooms in the central hotel in Viennaoks are perfectly suitable to be reused and to be converted into new objects. That is the reason why we furnished our Upcycling rooms with nightstands made out of old books. These nightstands are not only very stable, but also have a very stylish look. In terms of creativity, the sky is the limit. The old books can be assembled upright or laterally and should be connected with screws or sticky glue or tied together with belts. Old wooden piles can be converted into shelve spaces.


Shelves made of old books

Stowing books on books? This idea sounds odd in the first place. However, consider converting old books into (book) shelves, when there is no need for them anymore. With a square, these books can be easily attached to the walls and are perfectly suitable as a shelf space for books and also for other objects, such as plants or jewelry.

Upcycling in the eco-hotel in Vienna

As initially mentioned, we aim at limiting the negative impact on the environment as much as possible in our zero-energy-balance hotel in Vienna and to also provide an eco-friendly impression on our guests in our central hotel in Vienna. That is the reason why it is of utmost importance to us to point out that our upcycling rooms do not only fit perfectly into our corporate culture, but also provide a lot of joy to us. The process of planning and furnishing these rooms has been great fun. That is the reason why we are really happy about the positive feedback from our guests on these rooms, as the whole team can identify with the concept of Upcycling.

We wish you a great stay in our central hotel in Vienna!

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