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The “Wiener Wiesn”

by Elena Schöber

The “Wiener Wiesn” is a sort of Octoberfest-Viennese style.

Lebkuchen hearts, steins of beer, Austrian traditional clothes Dirndl and Lederhosen, folk and pop music is what you will get, but also the little something Viennese that comes with it: exquisite Viennese cuisine and of course Viennese wines!!!

Since the 23rd of September the festival area at Kaiserwiese in Prater has had lots and lots of (inter-)national guests, 360 hours of music with 3 stages and several (inter-) national live acts. There are 3 large fest tents (Gösser, Wojnar’s, Wiesbauer) that offer all this from 11am to midnight (last call for drinks and food: 11pm).

The entry to the festival area is free but to enter one of the 3 tents you need to have a table reserved. Booking a table costs 8,50€ per person, but there are also packages available. Book a table, a main course, a large drink and take a ride with the Giant Ferris Wheel for 39€ per person. For 59€ you have a table close to the stage while top acts are presenting their show.

The last day is Sunday and even if there are no more tables available it is definitely still worth it to walk around the area, enjoy the sight of Austrian Trachten clothes and maybe find a table cancelled!:-)

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