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Sustainably en route in Vienna (6)

by Elena Schöber

Due to our blog series “Sustainably en route in Vienna” we have already presented you a few green tips for your sustainable trip to the Austrian capital city. Natural cosmetics, vegan restaurants, urban gardening and eco-friendly sightseeing have already been on our list – so what could still be missing? Fair fashion, of course! In the following, you will find some green shops in Vienna:

The young fashion label “Zerum” produces exclusively in the EU in a fair and ecological manner. The name derives from “serum” as some sort of remedy which emphasises the positive aspect of the brand. Instead of third world manufacturing under disastrous conditions, “Zerum” guarantees fair wages, short transport routes and an environment-sparing fabrication. The young and value-oriented team issues a fashionable statement for sustainability and is addressed to fair individualists. The shop in Vienna is decorated with affectionately restored old pieces of furniture.


“Organic fashion which does not look like eco movement” – that is the motto of “Green Ground”, the concept store in the charming Viennese “Porzellangasse”. Here, value is not only placed on fair trade and eco-conscious manufacturing, but also on modern designs and high quality. Certificated organic textile fabrics like cotton, linen, hemp and wool provide for an extraordinarily pleasant wearing comfort.

The fashion of “Anzüglich” combines unique style with sustainability. Clear shapes, strong colours and a straight, timeless cut meet a humane production here. The self-confident it-pieces can be shaped individually thanks to flipping over, wrapping and combining. Aside from that, they are completely vegan and made of ecological cotton. The clothes are fabricated by deaf women in Peru who benefit from a fair payment and a permanent employment by the help of “Anzüglich” and the Austrian Development Agency (ADA).


“Anukoo”, the fashion label of “EZA Fairer Handel” has the big picture in mind. Here, not only the design matters, but also the manufacturing conditions. The label places value on an intensive trade relationship with the partner organisations in India, Peru and Bolivia. A long-term collaboration, fair wages also in advance, honesty, transparency and mutual respect are the order of the day here. Moreover, cotton from organic farming is used for the fabrication of the clothes.

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