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Sustainable tourism also in Vienna

by Elena Schöber

If you are interested in green tourism, then you should definitely check out the blog subvoyage. Julia Recker is focused on sustainable travel and shares her experiences through wonderful photos and detailed articles. She interviews people who work in ecological tourism and who want to be part of the sustainability movement. She uncovers many fascinating facts about the topic and we read through her blog regularly attentively!


In the travel diary you will find interesting posts about Vienna, Barcelona, Brussels, Münster and Hamburg! Further cities will follow shortly. In Vienna, she found not only our great ecological hotel but also many fantastic vegetarian and vegan restaurants and coffee houses, and she discovered that it is not only possible but actually also easy to explore Vienna without using a car.

During her stay at the Boutiquehotel Stadthalle she got to know our zero-energy-balance hotel first-hand, and then she burrowed deeper by interviewing our hotel director, Claudia Plot, and found out many facts and figures surrounding the hotel’s green credentials. You can find the whole interview on:

Here a few fantastic green facts about the green sleeping options at the Boutiquehotel Stadthalle: 130 square meters of solar panels, 90 square meters of photo voltaic cells, a ground water pump, no mini bars, LED lamps in the whole house, all of which means that 21 024 kg CO2 are saved per year! And plans are in place to install three new wind generators on the roof!

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