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Planting Trees with Treedom

by Elena Schöber

Give something back with Treedom

Every single one of us pollutes the environment with CO2 emissions daily, often even completely unconsciously. And when we do realise that we damage our planet constantly, inevitably the question arises: what can I do about it? Giving up car driving, shopping, travelling and drinking coffee? Barely using any power and water? Treedom offers us the possibility to give something back to the earth, completely without drastic restrictions.

A nuclear power reactor blows CO2 into the atmosphere at sunset
Reduce CO2 emissions - with Treedom

Why Treedom?

Treedom is the only platform worldwide which enables us to plant a tree from a distance and to follow it online. Therefore, you only need to choose a tree from the website and a small farmer will get the financial means to plant it on is land afterwards. The fruits of your tree benefit the peasants and their families who are actively involved in the project. As they are also suggesting which trees are needed most, you do not only support the local people with Treedom, but you also contribute to the preservation of biodiversity.

In addition to that, the plants absorb carbon dioxide and convert it into oxygen and thereby improve the air quality. With the CO2-capture, for instance, you can calculate how much carbon dioxide you produce daily and how many trees you would have to plant in order to compensate your emissions. Treedom has its locations in Nepal, Kenya, Italy, Cameroon, Malawi, Burkina Faso, Argentina, Senegal and Haiti, where you can plant among others pomegranate, orange, avocado and cocoa trees.

A plantation worker is about to harvest a cocoa fruit from a tree
Guaranteed sustainable food from all over the world

As a gift idea or for corporate communications

Aside from that, you as tree sponsor are involved in the life of your spring right from the beginning and you can always carry it with you. You will be able to follow its growth online, will receive fotos of it and its surroundings and you will get its exact locations as well as information about the weather and its new home. Moreover, you can also personalise your tree by giving it a name and confiding secret messages to it. Therefore, it is also perfectly suited as special and meaningful gift with a personal dedication. There even are horoscope trees which are geared to your star signs.

But also companies can compensate their CO2 emissions with Treedom, use a personalised tree with company logo for marketing purposes or as a sustainable gift for clients and staff. No matter how you use Treedom – by planting a tree, you are doing good to the environment and the local farmers and thereby are moving one step closer towards a greener and more livable planet.

An unripe and green avocado is hanging on a tree
Let nature take its course with Treedom

Zero-energy balance hotel in Vienna

Not only do we generate our own energy, we also like to be mindful when consuming resources and to think long-term when making decisions. We offer our guests the Green Bonus to encourage them to travel with reduced-CO2 means of transportation.

This not only makes the boutique hotel a pioneer in terms of sustainability - it makes all employees of our hotel incredibly proud of the balance sheet. After all, we are all “green at heart”.

As you can see, there are many reasons for a holiday in the green Boutiquehotel Stadthalle. We look forward to welcoming you to our hotel. Send us your non-binding inquiry, we will contact you as soon as possible. Or book your vacation conveniently online.

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We are open!

We provide information about the current measures here.