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Musical Highlights in December (1)

by Elena Schöber

As soon as Halloween is over, we already engulf head over heels in Christmas preparations and start to buy Advent calendars, chocolate Santa Clauses and gingerbread. Then, of course, you have to bake cookies for all of your friends and relatives, organise gifts and think about what shall be served on Christmas eve. How about a little time-out of this self-imposed holiday stress? We present you the greatest musical highlights in December where you can finally unwind again in the following:

HAVASI Symphonic Concert Show:

On the second of December, the Hungarian composer and pianist Havasi will enchant his fans with an impressing show in the Stadthalle Vienna. He is known as one of the most fascinating and versatile composers of today who combines the depth and the discipline of traditional music with the shimmering variety of the modern era. The piano virtuoso with the charisma of a rockstar has already performed in the sold out New York Carnegie Hall and has been celebrated for his energetic and passionate performance with standing ovations. More than a hundred artists are part of Havasi’s contemporary interpretation of classical music – from a solo pianist, via a giant symphony orchestra with chorus through to gospel singers and world music soloists. An elaborate light show rounds off the two-and-a-half-hour long spectacle in pompous Las Vegas style. Havasi brings international culture with a unique mix of classical, world music and rock on stage – a highlight which you definitely should not miss out!


You can celebrate St. Nicholas’ Day together with YELLO on the sixth of December in the Stadthalle Vienna. The Swiss musician duo, consisting of the singer Dieter Meier and the composer Boris Blank has been existing since the 70ies and has celebrated great success, especially in Switzerland, Germany and Austria. The hits of the Electro pioneers were at the top of the charts and many tracks even have been awarded with the Gold Record. YELLO’s style of music has always been very adventurous. At the beginning, Boris Blank has recorded everyday noises with a tape deck, like for example the tone of a newspaper which is slapped on the table. Actually, he wanted to make pop music, but his uncommon style of composing and his experimental sounds made YELLO erroneously the founders of Techno music. Dieter and Boris understand themselves rather as an artist project than as a band. They create their own videos which are part of the stage show and even are collected by museums worldwide like the MoMA in New York. One simply must have experienced the authenticity of their transparent and spatial Electro sounds live!

The concert hall, where Havasi and YELLO will perform is located within a five minute walking distance of our cosy and sustainable Boutiquehotel Stadthalle, by the way. We look forward to welcoming you!

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