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Loos Bar Vienna- The Original

by Elena Schöber

What shall you do in the city of Vienna, which offers you sooooo many opportunities so you do not even know where to start first?


We recommend, you look for a cool bar where you can sit down and chill with a nice cocktail, meanwhile you are planning the rest of the days you are here.

The Loos American Bar is one of the best addresses in the city. It was designed by Mr. Adolf Loos, an arquitect with visions and a modern way of thinking, imported directly from the United States in 1908. It was a time where everything was different, during the time of the Austrian Emperor.

The bar is unchanged until today and has still the timeless and shiny look from before. Considered an American Bar, it is a bit small but it is THE bar in Vienna which you should pay a visit without a doubt. These days the bar is landmarked which makes it even more special!

For now over 20 years the bar is run by Marianne Kohn and a man only staff is responsible for the best cocktails ever tasted. Why there are only men behind the bar, nobody knows but one thing we know for sure: they have the best cocktails in the city, maybe even in the whole wide world!

You would like a special mix of a cocktail? No problem, the barkeepers are always happy to mix new creations. So what are you waiting for? Go the Kärntnerstraße next time you are in Vienna, we look forward to welcoming you at the Boutiquehotel Stadthalle.

Autor: Verena H.

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We are open!

We provide information about the current measures here.