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Every day is a Treeday

by Elena Schöber

Treeday is the first green lifestyle guide worldwide and a social network at the same time. The idea behind this new sustainable App is motivating people to live in a more sustainable way and simplify this lifestyle. Members of the Treeday community become “Treeder” and can track the effects of their own lifestyle.

What’s that in a nutshell?

Treeday visualizes what you actually can’t see: the CO2 you don’t cause anymore because of your eco-friendly deeds, so called „Treeds“. For this purpose the platform translates the saved CO2 into the performance of a tree, thus the amount of carbon dioxide which are filtered by one tree a day. Thereby Treeday creates an imaginary forest for each member of the community which grows with every eco-friendly deed and is shown on a green map. A reward system within the App is expected to encourage the members to act more conscious, more sustainable. When you take the train instead of using the car to get to work for example you get a certain amount of „Treeds“ which can be redeemed with the sustainable partner companies of the green lifestyle guide. The aim of this system is to create 650 billions of virtual trees together– a forest as big as North America.

In addition to this wonderful idea you can explore a lot more at Treeday. Besides the growing forests of the members, the green map shows the most sustainable companies in the vicinity, no matter what you are searching for: Restaurants, Hotels, Grocery stores, Fashion stores, winemakers or whatever the sustainable heart desires – Treeday knows the Crème de la Crème of sustainable companies around you. Especially for this the platform has implemented the so called Treeday Index, the first standard which shows the level of sustainability of companies on a scale from 0 to 100. With this standard, user can estimate the actual level of sustainability of the shown companies at a glance.

Moreover Treeday wants to be a sustainable social network for exchanging information, networking, recommending and communicating – with a lot of ad-ons for the Treeday community. But at the same time the platform offers an amazing opportunity for sustainable companies to represent themselves and directly address people with a sustainable approach to life – a win-win-situation.

Therefore our Boutiquehotel-Stadthalle is now represented on the green lifestyle guide and we started off this cooperation with a great interview with Michaela Reitterer, the owner of the hotel. But convince yourself how fabulously we fit to the amazing concept of Treeday

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