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clean and wash right


by Elena Schöber

Sustainability and environmental awareness in cleaning and washing.

The Austrian Federal Ministry of Agriculture Forestry Environment and Water Management conducted a study about the environmental consciousness of Austrian citizens regarding the sustainability in using cleaning and washing liquids. The results were good but left room for improvement.

For many Austrians, the sustainability of cleaning and washing liquids plays an important role, but there is still a need for more education in this field.

If you are interested in what you can do to wash and clean in an environmentally friendly way, here are some ideas:

  • Keep to the suggested dose of washing liquid when washing your clothes!
  • Select the right temperature; it saves energy and money!
  • Use washing and cleaning concentrate; it saves packaging and transportation cost!
  • Use washing liquids for colored clothes because it does not include bleach!
  • Avoid underfilling the washing machine

Moreover, you could try to buy products that are marked with the “sustainable cleaning” sign only, to help the environment. Find out more at or at

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We are open!

We provide information about the current measures here.