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Our Advent calendar with sustainable Gift Ideas (1)

by Elena Schöber

Finally the time has come! Today we can open the first little door of our Advent calendar and on Sunday, we can even light the first candle already. Hence, the year slowly comes to an end and then of course the urgent question arises inevitably: what shall I give as a Christmas present this year again? In order that you do not have to persecute yourself any longer with this problem, we will release our own Advent calendar every week from now on. Here, we have collected a few useful and stylish gift ideas for you which even are sustainable as well. We wish you a lot of fun with looking through our green recommendations:

Passionate hobby cooks will find exactly 24 handy portion bags with the most versatile spices and finest seasoning mixes in the spice Advent calendar from Sonnentor. Along with the Christmassy standee, a recipe book with great cooking and baking ideas will be delivered so that you can immediately get started. No matter whether hearty delicacies or sweet desserts, with the 100% vegan spices, everyone will make a find, for sure. And what could be more beautiful in the tranquil Pre-Christmas time than cooking and feasting together?

1 Zahl

The large sports and travel bag of Upcycling Deluxe is made of reused cement bags and as a result it is not only tear-proof and sustainable but also optically a real eyecatcher! A shoulder strap with adjustable size, two additional carrying handles and three outside pockets provide for an optimum wearing comfort and enough storage space. In addition to that, the bag is available in four different stylish motives.

2 Zahl

A wine rack made of an upcycled case of wine – what could a wine lover ask more? The elegant furniture piece is hand-crafted in a Rhineland carpentry. Rustic and modern at the same time, the wine rack offers space for three wine bottles and six wine glasses. The jewel can be bought from Kistenherbert at DaWanda.


BambooTech offers this wireless, hand-crafted keyboard including a mouse, both 100% made of bamboo. The material enables a pleasurable feeling in summer as well as in winter. The additional “anti-sweat-coating” of anti-bacterial clear lacquer additionally provides for a proper hygiene. Keyboard and mouse are particularly sturdy and persistent and due to the height adjustability also ergonomic. Every piece is a unicum and offers the perfect writing comfort.


The probably eco-friendliest yoga mat is offered by JadeYoga. For the sustainable manufacturing in the US, solely natural rubber, a renewable resource, is used which additionally provides for the perfect damping and an incomparable persistence. Moreover, the material ensures perfect stability even at the most sudatory workouts and is 100% PVC free. Moreover, for every sold Yoga mat, a tree is planted so that you even give nature a treat with your purchase. In this way, body and spirit can relax with a clean conscience at the next Yoga training.


With the pencils from Sprout, recycling definitely reaches the next level. The pencil stumps will not be disposed of after usage, no, they are planted! On the top of the pencil, there is a capsule filled with Bio seeds which is activated by the contact with water. Afterwards, it will take approximately four to five weeks until something delicious will be growing which you can even use for cooking – this will make every gardener proud, for sure! These little wonders are available among others in the sorts basil, green pepper, marigold, sage, dill, cherry tomato, lavender and sunflower. Aside from that, the body of the pencil consists of sustainable cedar wood, is hand-crafted and does not contain plumb, wherefore it is completely nontoxic.


Those were our first six gift ideas and next week we will continue with further great recommendation. We hope, that we have met your taste and wish you a peaceful Advent season!

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