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Christmas Markets in Vienna

These romantic street markets enjoy a long tradition, with a history in Austria dating back to the Middle Ages.
The markets are mostly located in larger squares and pedestrian zones in Vienna and sell food, drinks and seasonal items.

The unique Christmas markets are very popular in Vienna during the advent season. Most of these fairs are opening up mid-november and last till Christmas.

Indulge yourself in gingerbread, toasted almonds, waffles, sweet chestnuts and – last but not least – hot mulled wine and Hot Cider of various kinds.

Definitely a must-see and a good source for Christmas presents


Christmas Market Spittelberg: (Spittelbergviertel, 1070 Wien) from 15. November til 23. Dezember.

Christmas Magic Schloß Wilhelminenberg: (1160 Wien) from 16. November til 23. Dezember.

Flower Garden Hirschstetten: (1220 Wien) from 22. November til 23. Dezember.

Christmas Village Schloß Belvedere: (1030 Wien) from 23. November til 23. Dezember.

Old Vienna Christmas Makett: (auf der Freyung, 1010 Wien) from 23. November til 23. Dezember.

Christmas Market Karlskirche: (Karlsplatz, 1040 Wien) from 23. November til 23. Dezember.

 Christmas Market Schloß Schönbrunn: (1090 Wien) from 24. November til 26. Dezember.

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