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Sustainable Gardening (1)

For many people, there is nothing more fulfilling than gardening. Creating your personal calm oasis with your own hands and reaping the fruits of your honest labour afterwards, being outside in fresh air, coming down to earth and soaking up the beauty of nature – what could be more beautiful? Organising your garden in a sustainable manner on top of that! We will reveal how you should proceed step by step in the following:

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Apps which help making our Life Sustainable (2)

In our last blog article we have already introduced some sustainable apps which shall help you to shape your life in a more sustainable manner. As we have promised, we would like to expand on the list of green apps today:

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Apps which help making our Life more Sustainable (1)

Sustainability is a topic which is very important to us, wherefore we are always in search of new eco-friendly trends and ideas. Often, one would like to change something, but one just does not know where to start. For that reason, we have collected some useful apps for you which will help you to easily shape your everyday life in a more sustainable manner:

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Celebrating Easter sustainably

We will reveal how you can shape the holidays sustainably together with your family by making your own natural egg dye and decorations.

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Planting Trees with Treedom

Treedom is the only platform worldwide which enables us to plant a tree from a distance and to follow it online. By planting a tree, you are doing good to the environment and the local farmers and thereby are moving one step closer towards a greener and more livable planet.

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