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In March of 2014, we added a new facet of sustainability to our hotel. Upcycling captured our interest. Upcycling, in contrast to traditional recycling, refers to the repurposing of reusable objects. This means that everyday objects are reused for new and different purposes, reducing new production, and thereby, reducing energy and resource consumption.

In January and February of 2014, in cooperation with the University of Applied Arts, we completely renovated seven guest rooms, upcycling style! Firewood became coffee tables, books became nightstands, and newspapers became footrests. We created coat hooks out of old silverware and shelving from bicycle parts. A new family suite with two separate bedrooms and living space for four is also in the mix. All in all, it is a concept with a lot of enthusiastic fans. So much personal commitment went into this project, and the whole team is incredibly proud of our new rooms.