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What to do in Vienna in two days
Schönbrunn Palace in Vienna
Apple Strudel in Vienna
Hofburg in Vienna

Day 1 in Vienna

Start your Vienna city trip with a ride in a Fiaker, a horse-drawn carriage, through the historical city center. As you travel along the Ringstrasse, you can take first snapshots of its famous buildings from your comfortable seat: the romantic Vienna City Hall, the impressive Austrian Parliament and the famous Imperial Palace. You will also pass some of Vienna’s largest museums, including the Museumsquartier, a popular meeting place during the summer months and the sight of a modern Christmas market during the winter. Another well-known sight on the Ringstrasse is the Vienna State Opera, which hosts the famous Viennese Opera Ball every year.
From the opera, you can walk directly to the popular shopping and pedestrian area on Kärntnerstrasse. Towering at the other end of this promenade  is St. Stephen’s Cathedral, which the Viennese love to call, Steffl. For those not scared of heights, the tower offers a breathtaking view of Vienna.
There is no better place to spend a well-deserved break than in a Viennese coffee house! We recommend Das kleine Café on Franziskanerplatz, a small, but beautiful piece of Viennese tradition. Or experience a typical Viennese waiter at Café Hawelka, ordering a cup of coffee the Viennese way, either as kleiner Brauner (espresso with a dash of milk) or kleiner Schwarzer (espresso). Don’t forget to try some tasty Viennese pastry with it.

Day 2 in Vienna

Visit the magical area in and around Schönbrunn Palace. Different tours for every schedule are available. After the tour, take a relaxing walk in the palace garden, or up to the Gloriette pavilion, and marvel at the unique scenery and abundance of flowers. Kids and animal lovers will adore Schönbrunn. The Schönbrunn Zoo is not only the oldest worldwide but – after comprehensive modernization work – also one of the most modern zoological gardens.
After your day at Schönbrunn, how about rewarding yourself with a typical Viennese dinner just a short walk away? Plachutta, in nearby Hietzing, is among Austria’s most famous restaurants serving traditional boiled beef.
We wish you an unforgettable trip to Vienna and loads of fun!