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Waldviertel pur

Waldviertel is a region in lower Austria, close to Vienna. Every year a large celebration takes place on Heldenplatz in Vienna, to celebrate this region. 90 exhibitors from the various areas in Waldviertel get together to present and celebrate Waldviertel’s culinary, traditional and regional specialities. Different types of beer, wines and schnaps, local food specialities, lots of information about the regions and about interesting tourist destinations –day trips, as well as holidays- are presented there. But there will also be a lot of action present. Children can try to milk cows, different handcrafts are shown such as basket making, there will be a fashion show of Austrian traditional “Trachten” dress and of course many music acts during these 3 days.

Visit Waldviertel pur from August 29th to August 31st at Heldenplatz, just opposite of Rathausplatz and its film festival, and enjoy some delightful local snacks or buy an Austrian Dirndl!?:-)

Boutiquehotel Stadthalle wishes a pleasant experience!

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