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We care about our suppliers #3

We care about our suppliers #3

Here comes the third regional supplier in our portrait-line:

Biohof Fink, Grafendorf in the “Steiermark”

Since 1975 the Biohof Fink is focussing on biological agriculture. The belief of the family-run farm in the region “Steiermark”, to work in a completely organic way was already strong back then, when “biological agriculture” wasn’t in the mindsets of other farmers in the region yet. The big vision behind is the production of natural food, which saves the ground, the water and the environment. Because the motto at Biohof Fink is: Healthy ground, healthy plants, healthy food, healthy people 🙂

As a pioneer in biological agriculture the Biohof Fink doesn’t only sell it’s freshly harvested fruits and vegetables to wholesalers, markets, market driver and large kitchens, but you can also get seasonal fruits/ vegetables every 7 or 14 days for your private household in the Bio Power Box, which will be delivered directly to your home. Of course there are different sizes of the Bio Power Box available and it can be matched to the costumers’ preferences.

A particular specialty of the Biohof Fink are the self produced, crispy and unbelievably tasty apple chips. The fresh apples of the farm are dryed without any artificial additives through an in-house drying system, get freshly packaged  and are sold in some local supermarkets, among other things.

Here you can find more information about the Biohof Fink and how you can order the Bio Power Box for yourself or even give it away to friends or family as a present. We feel absolutely healthy due to all the fresh products and can strongly recommend Biohof Fink 🙂

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