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Shrove Tuesday – Carnival

Today is Shrove Tuesday – the last day of carnival! It is part of the Austrian tradition that people dress up in funny costumes and celebrate. Cabarets are popular on this day as well as gatherings (mostly in villages) and processions where different carnival groups present their costumes. School children celebrate carnival parties at school and in general you might happen to see people dressed up like clowns, animals, pirates and the like on the street.

Vienna’s night life is also special on Shrove Tuesday!

Clubs such as Chelsea, Empire Club, Fledermaus Club, Floridita and Passage have special carnival events tonight. For those who still need a costume: you can rent one here:

Our team at Boutiquehotel Stadthalle donated money to the RED NOSES Clowndoctors on this special day. As a small present we offer red noses to all our guests today to make the last day of carnival a special one! Here is a picture of our receptionists:

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