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Shaolin Kung Fu

For more than 1500 years the monks of Shaolin have been recognized as the masters of kung fu. They practice their exercises to perfection in their monastery at the foot of mount Song Shan. Their exercises can help influence the body’s energy flow Qi so that the monks do not feel pain for a few moments or can help the body heal quickly.

The show presents breathtaking exercises practiced by 14 young monks led by the 75 year old master of Kung Fu and Qi Gong. For two hours visitors will escape into the mythology and philosophy of traditional China and the wisdoms of Zen Buddhism.

The show is interactive and fascinating. Do not miss it!

Time and date: Thursday, January 5th 2012, 8pm.

Location: Stadthalle Wien

Tickets: 41-56€

Children under 10 years of age, pay half price.

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