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Press conference @ Boutiquehotel Stadthalle

Last week was a very busy week. First we had the wine tasting and then, only 2 days later we were busy with a press conference held at Boutiquehotel Stadthalle.

The speakers were Austria’s minister of agriculture and environment Niki Berlakovich, the general manager of the Austrian television ORF Alexander Wrabetz, as well as the owner of our hotel Michaela Reitterer. They introduced the beginning of the competition of this year’s Austrian award for environmental awareness. This year Michaela Reitterer will be part of the jury.

And, one last thing that made this previous week special:  the day after the press conference talks took place at our hotel between the Austrian minister of agriculture and environment Niki Berlakovich and the EU commissioner Connie Heedegaard.

A successful, but busy week!

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