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e-scooters trend

Sales numbers have risen dramatically in the past couple of months and are prone to increase even more in the future: E-bikes and e-scooters are the current trend in city life mobility.

It is incredible how eco-friendly one can actually move around if one only wants to. E-bikes have become more and more popular. Austrias society for transport systems (VCÖ) stated that the number of e-bicycles sold last year was 20,000 and the number is expected to double to 40,000 sold e-bicycles this year, due to the high gas prices.

E-scooters also become more and more interesting to Austrians. An increase of 57% was recorded last year and hopes are high that these numbers will keep on improving.

But what exactly are the advantages of an e-scooter and what is it that you need to keep in mind when thinking of buying one?

We did a little bit of research for you to help you buy the most suitable e-scooter tailored to your needs.

–        Keep in mind that e-scooters are much cheaper than real scooters in terms of “gasoline”. While an e-scooter needs roughly 4 kwh on 100km, calculated with an electricity price of 21cents per hour, 100km roughly cost 84 cents ordinary scooters normally need around 3 liters on 100km which means roughly around 3.60€.

–        You can invest from 800 to 4,000€ into buying an e-scooter therefore always make sure you compare prices, because there are often great differences. The price will mostly depend on: the battery and the operating distance.

The better the battery, the higher the price, but also the higher the number of charging cycles; The battery but also the motor of the e-scooter influence the operating distance. If you buy a bike with an energy-saving motor and a good battery you will have a great operating distance. For occasional usage a scooter with an operating distance of 50-70km will probably suffice, but if you plan to use the scooter as your main means of transportation you will probably need to think of buying one with a larger operating distance.

All in all you will probably need to think of investing around 1,000€ if you only plan to use the e-scooter in the city from time to time. If you wish to go further and plan on roughly 150km of operating distance, you will be wise to invest 2,500€ and more.

Vienna has already got around 40 e-charging stations spreading throughout the city. You can find out online where you can charge your scooter: e-charging stations

If you want to give it a first try: come by and  rent our e-scooters and velos at Boutiquehotel Stadthalle for a day or a half day.

sources: http://www.elektroroller-aktuell.de/electric-scooter-en.html and http://www.vcoe.at/

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