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Skiing in Vienna! – Yes, it is possible!


If you are in Vienna, but you do not have time or the spirits to travel to a typical Austrian skiing resort, try skiing or snowboarding in Vienna.

Especially for beginners this could be good fun. Hohe Wand Wiese is the only place in Vienna (and within 60! minutes from the city centre by public transport) where you will find a proper slope, as well as a lift. Ski and snowboard rental is available, as well as lockers. You could even book a lesson with a ski and snowboard trainer. For advanced skiers/snowboarders there is not much choice, but it might be fun if you haven’t skied in a while.

The lift is open from 9am to 9pm every day. The tickets as well as the rental are cheap. You can buy a ticket with 50, 100 or 300 points at rates between €8-28.80 for adults and €5-18.00 for children. One ride on the lift “costs” 5 points between 9am and 4pm and 10 points after 4pm when the slope is floodlit.

The ski and snowboard rental is the responsibility of the ski trainers. The full equipment (shoes, skis and sticks) is available for €12 (adults) or €10 (children) per day. The team at the ski and snowboard rental speaks English!!!!:-)

How to get there: Take the underground U4 to the last stop Hütteldorf and change to bus nr.249 or 250. Get off at “Hohe Wand Wiese”.


Address: Schianlage Hohe Wand Wiese, Mauerbachstraße 172 – 174, 1140 Vienna

phone:0043 676 – 424 09 71

Email: office@schischule-wien.at

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